Who’s the Puppet Now?, Calgary

Marsian De Lellis, Calgary, 2011, photo: Sean Dennie
Marsian De Lellis, Calgary,
2011, photo: Sean Dennie

In March 2015, Who’s The Puppet Now?, a coffee table book of Sean Dennie’s photos was published. Created by the Calgary Animated Objects Society, the edition included a photos from my performances, Growing Up Linda – Fudgie’s Death during its run at the International Festival of Animated Objects and Object of Her Affection at REDCAT.

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The Curious Life and Mysterious Death of Pippin Roe (update)

1994, Pippin Roe

On July 19th 2014, I learned that my longtime friend, artist, and collaborator, Pippin Roe, had died.  Weeks later, I was again hit with shocking news that Pippin’s death was likely the result of murder.  The following January, a reporter writing a piece on Pippin contacted me through social media.  At first I was skeptical, but it wasn’t long before I realized she was diligent digging through hard-to-find clues on a case that had been largely ignored by the media and didn’t seem like a priority for authorities. The story, publish on January 22, 2015, went beyond tragic circumstances surrounding Pippin’s death, speaking to her life and artistic work – much of which was featured in the article.

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Contemporary Performance Almanac 2015 (book)

2015 Contemporary Performance Almanac
2015 Contemporary Performance Almanac

On December 30th, 2014, an entry on Object of Her Affection was published in the 2015 Contemporary Performance Almanac.

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Photo: Steve Gunther

July 22, 2014, Broadway World covered Object of Her Affection’s run at REDCAT for the NOW Festival.

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Portland Press Herald, (Puppet Slam Network)

On January 28th, 2013, The Portland Press Herald briefly covered my work with the Puppet Slam Network as part of a larger story on Blainor McGough, curator of King Friday’s Dungeon in Portland, ME.

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The Puppetry Journal (Press)

In the Spring of 2012, The Puppetry Journal ran a substantive cover story on the world of puppet slams, featuring my work as co-founder of The Puppet Slam Network and my interviews with puppet slam artists. The Puppet Slam Network fostered connections for independently produced puppet cabarets, so that puppet artists knew where they could perform, venues could find puppet artists, and audiences could enjoy an intimate, tactile, and compelling form of entertainment.   Continue reading “The Puppetry Journal (Press)”

FOF #1504 – Trends + Predictions for 2012, Chicago (interview)

On January 13th, 2012, I appeared on Feast of Fun, a Chicago-based LGBTQ comedy podcast.  On show #1504 – Trends and Predictions for 2012I spoke with Fausto Ferños and Marc Felion about my predictions for 2012.

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Feast of Fun #1487, Chicago (appearance)

On November 23rd, 2011, I appeared as a guest on Feast of Fun, a Chicago-based LGBTQ comedy podcast. On show #1487 – A Very Gaga Muppet Thanksgiving, I was interviewed by Fausto Ferños and Marc Felion about my predictions for Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving special and reboot of the Muppets.

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Puppet Slam Network: Informational Posts

In the fall of 2011, I started a series of informational posts on the Puppet Slam Network website about organizing evenings of short-form puppetry and object theatre for adults.

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New Urbanite, Baltimore (interview)

On April 27th, 2011, I appeared in “What is the Transmodern Festival?”, an article by Cara Ober for her article on the Transmodern Festival, where I was performing Fudgie’s Death.

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