Object of Her Affection

Object of Her Affection is a solo object and puppet-based performance art piece centered on a woman, who in her search for true love develops intimate relationships with inanimate objects.

In this unconventional love story, puppets and performing objects are a primary through-line, as I explore the synesthetic relationship between objects and personalities, and ways that objects can occupy more than one meaning at any given time. Object of Her Affection is a visual narrative about human beings (flesh and blood) developing intimate relationships with inanimate things and the universal development and loss of relationships we encounter on our journey through life.

Object of Her Affection follows the emotional journey of protagonist, Andrea Lowe, after she has mysteriously fallen from a building. In her last moments, she reflects on her meaningful relationships starting with her first love, a baby’s blanket. As an adolescent, she loses her virginity to a bad-boy hunting rifle and subsequently becomes infatuated with the Berlin Wall.  As Andrea evolves, so do her desires. In adulthood, she forms doomed relationships with monumental structures: a high-profile statue, tragic twin skyscrapers, and a bridge who cheats. Each of these relationships has a profound effect, shaping Andrea’s views on life and love. Finally, she finds solace in Roy, a crumbling tenement who ultimately fails her.

“The piece, which questions on a cosmic level our artificial divide between the animate and the inanimate, has the appealing, droll humor and structural unity of a David Sedaris story.”

– LA Weekly

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In an age of marriage equality, I strive to complicate notions of sexual identity by focusing on a protagonist with Object Sexuality (OS). Although sexual minorities have made recent strides, a secondary tier of otherness festers outside the oversimplification and mainstreaming of queer identity.  As an emotional, physical, and romantic desire towards inanimate objects, OS explodes traditional categorization of sexuality.  People with OS fall in love with things, rather than humans.  They don’t so much want a place at the table as they might long for a relationship with one.


Created by Marsian De Lellis
Director: Michele Spears
Lighting Design: Andrew Schmedake
Sound Design: Rebecca Kessin
Stage Manager: Kajal Ardestani
Production Assistant: Lupe Lucero
Sound Effects: Grant Baciocco
Sound Assistant: Christian Lee
Lead Soft Fabricator: Christine Papalexis
Lead Hard Fabricator: Chris Sheets
Lead Doll Fabricator: Liz Watson and Peter Ceili
Practical Lights: Moira Lael MacDonald
Cantonese Language Coach: Felix Kamchung
Production Support: Lisa J. Maydwell
Photography: Rafael Hernandez and Steve Gunther
Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Fabricators: Pat Brymer, Kristin Charney, Clarissa Estrada, Felicia Funderbunk, Liz Hara, Milena Hunter, Kate Katz, Tim Lagase, Yomy Lopez, Lupe Lucero, Alison Mork, Erika Montenegro, Sarah Oh, Leah Olbrich, Marissa Parr, Nate Pontius, Jessica Scott, Nick Shoob, Kat Vinegrad, Hunter Wells


Full Performances
2018 Los Angeles Exchange [LAX] Festival, Automata (Los Angeles, California)
2014 REDCAT – New Original Works Festival (Los Angeles, California)
2014 Automata – Workshop (Los Angeles, California)

Excerpts – Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust:
2014 Bootleg Theater (Los Angeles, California)
2013 REDCAT (Los Angeles, California)
2013 Muckenthaler Cultural Center (Fullerton, California)
2013 Automata – Full Reading (Los Angeles, California)
2013 Eugene O’Neill Theater Center (Waterford, Connecticut)
2012 Automata – Excerpt/Reading (Los Angeles, California)
2012 Eugene O’Neill Theater Center – Excerpt/Reading (Waterford, Connecticut)



Object of Her Affection was made possible through generous funding from The Jim Henson Foundation, The Center for Cultural Innovation, a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency GrantThe Anna Sosenko Assist Trust, Hatchfund, and Kickstarter with additional support from The Automata Residency Program, the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, REDCAT, Impro Theatre, Harvard Westlake School, and Los Angeles Performance Practice.