De Lellis is stitching together biographies, lost dreams, found meaning, memorials, and a dark yet illuminative magic in their work

Riot Material

There are those, however, who get derailed on the journey to normative adult relationships. While they are often the target of passing gapes and psychological rubbernecking, De Lellis erects a roadside attraction for them

Allison de Fren

a debt to celebrity-obsessed daytime television brought the fusion of trashy and glam to its peak

Three Weeks

a particularly unsettling performance piece by De Lellis—which made one pretty puzzled woman get down on the floor and stare at it upside down


eccentric adult puppetry that oscillates between adorable, abject, campy, and earnest

New Urbanite

Technology meets traditional storytelling to great effect […] De Lellis is an engaging performer who delivers the story with deceptive nonchalance


this person is a walking work of art

Patrick Bristow

Ambivalence hangs over the exhibition: a fascination and revulsion, attraction and denunciation, a buying in and buying out

The Scar Of Visibility:
Medical Performances And Contemporary Art

While most would gasp in horror or laugh at the tragic story, Marsian finds the humanity in her gruesome story and embraces the shame monster that lives inside all of us

Feast of Fun Podcast

light years away from the child-oriented Muppets universe that Jim Henson introduced

Calgary Herald

making the ridiculous insane in the best sense

  The Weekly Dig

character switches with a spin of the high heel

Archikulture Digest

it was intensely satisfying to encounter the work of Marsian DeLellis, an artist who […] defies categorization


unflinchingly independent vision


The piece, which questions on a cosmic level our artificial divide between the animate and the inanimate, has the appealing, droll humor and structural unity of a David Sedaris story

LA Weekly

colorful, elaborate, nightmarish

The Scotsman

Demented, touching, and inherently strange


a crazy hall of mirrors, flashing bits of a story from multiple angles[…] held together by a strong idiosyncratic personal aesthetic. And lots of fake fur

Puppetry International

surreal juxtapositions of materials and images in their soulful and viscerally hybridized works

LA Weekly

hails back to a long tradition of artistic fools, who twist the culture around well beyond the regular artistic way of twisting culture around to a point of impossibility and absurdity that makes you rethink all of reality

Kate Bornstein

you’re doubtlessly in for a treat


you’re in for something inspired[…] high-drag puppetry

City Paper

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery brightens up considerably as Marsian De Lellis sweeps in with an outfit adorned with decayed dolls

Los Angeles Times – HS Insider

delightful puppetry

The Boston Herald