Feast of Fun #1128 – The Bride of Wildenstein’s Predictions for 2010, Chicago

On January 21, 2010,  I appeared on Feast of Fun to speculate on trends for 2010 and discuss Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical with Fausto Ferños and Marc Felion.

I appeared on Feast of Fun in advance of Bride of Wildenstein‘s premiere at the Velaslavaysay Panorama in Los Angeles.

Bride of Wildenstein - The Musical, 2008, poster: Marsian De Lellis

In Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical, an aging socialite grows fur and claws to recapture her philandering game hunter husband’s attention. Using puppets and masks to augment the body, this solo cabaret performance playfully unpacks desire and the contagion of identity with songs that examine the making of a monstrosity.


Have you ever gone too far for love? Ask Marsian De Lellis. [they] wrote, Bride of Wildenstein, an entire one-person musical dedicated to Jocelyn Wildenstein, the eccentric New York City socialite who surgically transformed herself into the bizarre looking Cat Lady to win back the affections of her millionaire game hunter husband.

Obsessed with aging, Jocelyn Wildenstein spent over 4 million dollars on plastic surgery to look like the ferocious lions and cheetahs her husband hunted in Africa.

While most would gasp in horror or laugh at the tragic story, Marsian finds the humanity in her gruesome story and embraces the shame monster that lives inside all of us.

Join us today as Marsian talks with us on the phone about Bride of Wildenstein, and we all share our predictions for the coming year.

Which celebrities will die in 2010? Will Marsian become the Lady Gaga of Puppetry? Will ugly become the new beautiful?


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