(In)/Animate Objects, Love +/or Fear, Hollywood

artist visualization

On Saturday September 7th, from 8PM-11PM, I will reclaim the fence at 6551 Hollywood Blvd for an installation of doll prints from the (In)/Animate Objects collection. Located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the installation functions as a subvertisment for decay and the contagion of identity – a repetition of a repetition for which there is no original.

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Artist Talk at Track 16 (Redux + Live Feed)

Whether it’s disintegrating dolls, mutant ceramic bunnies, or rescue animal pinups, the artists of Stuck Together: Marsian De Lellis, Simone Gad, Debra Broz, create playful, handmade responses to mass-produced objects and images charged with autobiographical fragments. On April 11th we gathered to discus our practices with moderator, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario. You can view our discussion through this Instagram TV redux or the entire recording of the event below.

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