Model Killer, American Puppetry Today, The Photography of Richard Termine, Charleville-Mézières

From September 20th-29th, 2019, a photograph from Model Killer will be part of American Puppetry Today, The Photography of Richard Termine in Charleville-Mézières, France.

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Love Lost and the Enchantment of Objects by Jacki Apple (essay)

On November 2, 2018, Jacki Apple wrote Love Lost and the Enchantment of Objects, a critical essay on my performance, Object of Her Affection, for Fabrik in her column, Peripheral Visions: Perspectives on Performance, Media and Culture.

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(In)/Animate Objects triptych, Automata

(In)/Animate Objects triptych, 32"x13.16", 2017, Marsian De Lellis
(In)/Animate Objects triptych, 32″x13.16″, limited edition archival print, 2016

From December 10th-20th, “(In)/Animate Objects triptych”a limited edition photograph, was part of an auction for Automata.

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COLA20 (book launch)


On August 19th, 2017, there was a book launch for COLA 20which included an image from my (In)/Animate Objects installation and a salon conversation I participated in focused on artists who embed feminist and queer ideas in their work.

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Contemporary Performance Almanac 2015 (book)

2015 Contemporary Performance Almanac
2015 Contemporary Performance Almanac

On December 30th, 2014, an entry on Object of Her Affection was published in the 2015 Contemporary Performance Almanac.

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Growing Up Linda, Calgary

On March 11th and 12th, 2011, I performed Fudgie’s Death at International Festival of Animated Objects in Calgary.

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LA Taco (press)

In June, 2007, I was a marionettist in Lead Feet and Nothing Upstairs: A History of the Lifelike. Written and directed by Susan Simpson, Lead Feet focused on female triplets  raised their grandmother (who I performed) and ideas about originality and personal identity. LA Taco covered Lead Feet, published a photo I took of one of the marionettes and mentioned my performance as the grandmother.

The power of puppetry was present in the tiny detailed face of the crone-like grandmother, whose miniscule movements conveyed profound love and protection, whether reaching out to nothingness for a hug or spreading a heaven-sent blanket over her ward

LA Taco

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Orlando Sentinel 11/04/2005

On November 4th, 2005 The Orlando Sentinel published a photo from Growing Up Linda in their coverage of the Orlando Puppet Festival.

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Bryant University, Smithfield (artist talk)

On November th, 2004, I presented my artist-talk at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI to Petra Kuppers’s Medical Visions/Medical Performances class.

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Green Insect Bunny Hybrid, Boston (auction)

Green Insect-Bunny Hybrid, ©2000 Marsian De Lellis
Green Insect-Bunny Hybrid, ©2000 Marsian De Lellis

On September 26th, 2004, I donated Green Insect-Bunny Hybrid a framed photograph of one of my early puppets to the Sunny Side Up Brunch and Silent Auction at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. Proceeds went to support the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth

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