How We Got Stuck Together

Detail from (In)/Animate Objects Panel #1, 2019,  photo: Track 16

Whether it’s disintegrating dolls, mutant ceramic bunnies, or rescue animal pinups, the artists of Stuck Together: Marsian De Lellis, Simone Gad, Debra Broz, playfully handcraft responses to mass-produced objects and images charged with autobiographical fragments. Join me on a virtual tour, where we can survey the work for context… Continue reading “How We Got Stuck Together”

COLA20 (book launch)


On August 19th, 2017, there was a book launch for COLA 20which included an image from my (In)/Animate Objects installation and a salon conversation I participated in focused on artists who embed feminist and queer ideas in their work.

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DCA 2016 COLA Fellowship (support)

On June 29th. 2015, I was awarded the 2015-2016 City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Fellowship from The Department of Cultural Affairs.

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Rachel Rosenthal Co. (education / support)

with Rachel Rosenthal and Josue Martinez at Rachel Rosenthal Company, 2010, photos: Ann Yatco, Josue Martinez
Marsian De Lellis, Rachel Rosenthal, and Josue Martinez at, 2010, photos: Ann Yatco, Josue Martinez

In 2010, I was the recipient of an Emerging Artist Scholarship to study with pioneering performance artist, Rachel Rosenthal and her DbD (Doing by Doing) performance improvisation technique at the Rachel Rosenthal Company in Culver City, Los Angeles. The workshop ran from September 10th – September 12th, 2010. The Emerging Artist Scholarship was made possible in part with funding from Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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