Growing Up Linda, Edinburgh (Premiere)

On Friday, August 8th, 2008  Growing Up Linda premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

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Growing Up Linda, Valencia, (workshop)

  • Growing Up Linda, poster 2008, Anne Mills Coté

From May 7th-10th 2008, The Cotsen Center for Puppetry and the Arts and CalArts School of Theater presented a full workshop of Growing Up Linda in Valencia, California,

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UNIMA-USA (Support)

In 2008, I was the recipient of funding from UNIMA-USA for the run of Growing Up Linda at the Edinburgh Fringe

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LA Taco (press)

In June, 2007, I was a marionettist in Lead Feet and Nothing Upstairs: A History of the Lifelike. Written and directed by Susan Simpson, Lead Feet focused on female triplets  raised their grandmother (who I performed) and ideas about originality and personal identity. LA Taco covered Lead Feet, published a photo I took of one of the marionettes and mentioned my performance as the grandmother.

The power of puppetry was present in the tiny detailed face of the crone-like grandmother, whose miniscule movements conveyed profound love and protection, whether reaching out to nothingness for a hug or spreading a heaven-sent blanket over her ward

LA Taco

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Lead Feet & Nothing Upstairs, LA (puppeteer)

From June 7th-30th, 2007, I was a puppeteer in Lead Feet and Nothing Upstairs: A History of the Lifelike at the Manual Archives in Los Angeles.  Lead Feet, written and directed by Susan Simpson, was a puppet play that focused on female triplets raised their grandmother and ideas about originality and personal identity. In Lead Feet, performed in the role of the grandmother, a marionette which I also voiced. There were 15 performances during the run of the show.
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