Growing Up Linda, Exquisite Acts, Valencia

On March 1st, 2007, I performed in Birthday Trauma, a segment from Growing Up Linda for Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions at CalArts in Valencia. 


Growing Up Linda was an ensemble actor-puppetry performance in which a woman who believes she’s the daughter of a famous ice cream mogul must come to terms with her troubled past.  In Birthday Trauma, a scene from Growing Up Linda, Linda recounts the events of her fifth birthday when she first started communicating with food.


I wrote Birthday Trauma with PJ McWhiskers. Cast included Jackie Kay Knox, Joel Egger, and Leila Ghaznavi who also directed. Kate Elouise Mallor designed costumes.


Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 9:00PM

Coffee House Theatre
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, California

Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions, was a student-organized project based at California Institute of the Arts that seeked to produce discourse around the questions and contexts of contemporary feminist practice in art and society.  The project encompassed projects and workshops proposed by students from across the schools of CalArts, a curated exhibition of student, faculty, and alumni works addressing feminism, a feminist performance series, and a day-long symposium of panel discussions with guest artists, activists, and curators.  


WHY FEMINISM, NOW? Feminism continues to be relevant and necessary as a continually evolving body of thought and action that takes as its subject lived experience, psychological, social, and cultural constructions. It projects new modes of thought and action into these spheres and disrupts the status quo. However, by its very structure, feminism has resisted easy definition. To ask the question, “What is feminism?” is to also ask, “What feminisms exist today?”Since the emergence of the Second Wave of feminism in the 1970’s, there has been an impulse in society and culture to demarcate categorical and historical divisions within feminism. By embarking on the Exquisite Acts & Everyday Rebellions project, we are seeking to understand feminism through a process of porous exchanges, between generations, individuals, and disciplines in the arts. 



Loren Fenton, Sibyl O’Malley, Bethany Umbach


Deborah Asiimwe + Z-Genderful.  

Vivian Babuts

Using Romanian language and song as well as movement from various sources, Speechless explores how to operate beyond the roles of a gender imbalanced society with speechlessness as a place of power.

Yaniro Paramo
Calentando Tortillas

The act of warming tortillas will be translated from the everyday act into an art piece and perhaps back again.

Jane Pickett
The Doorkeeper

Inspired by Franz Kafka’s short story, Before the Law, The Doorkeeper is the story of a woman standing on the outside looking in.

Marsian De Lellis
Growing Up Linda

Growing Up Linda was an ensemble actor-puppetry performance in which a woman who believes she’s the daughter of a famous ice cream mogul must come to terms with her troubled past.

Virginia Grise
From Cha-Cha to Panza

“Before you can get to the cho-cho, you have to talk about the panza.” The Panza Monologues is an original performance piece based on women’s stories about their panzas (tu sabes, the roll of belly we all try to hide). Conceived from conversations and chisme with girlfriends and compiled from interviews and replies gathered from Chicanas of all ages, places, and spaces, the stories create a quilt of poignancy, humor, and revelation.

Christine Marie
4th Door

An excerpt from “Enantiodromia:4 doors,” which depicts a women searching for balance amongst oppositional forces.