Major funding for Growing Up Linda was provided by UNIMA-USA and California Institute for the Arts Office of the President and Interdisciplinary Arts Grant.

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Foreign Travel Fund

Based in Atlanta at the Center for Puppetry Arts, UNIMA-USA  is the North American Center of Union Internationale de la Marionnette, the oldest international theatre organization in the world. UNIMA-USA’s mission is to promote international understanding and friendship through the art of puppetry.

Founded in 1929, Union Internationale de la Marionnette is an organization in which all those people in the world concerned with the Art of the Puppet Theatre associate voluntarily in order to serve through their art the idea of peace and of mutual understanding without distinction as to race, political ideas or religion.

CalArts teaches artists to develop the skills and personal drive to reach their creative potential, question received ideas and expand forms of knowledge and experience in the world.

The Cotsen Center for Puppetry and the Arts (1998-2012) was a teaching laboratory situated in The School of Theatre at CalArts that offered a framework for the practical training, artistic innovation, aesthetic inquiry and interdisciplinary investigation of puppets and performing objects. The Cotsen Center strived to combine puppet theatre with the use of new technologies and emerging forms and practices that cut across traditional boundaries.