ACA, Associate Artist (Support)

In 2005 I was the recipient of funding as an associate artist for an Atlantic Center for the Arts residency in New Smyrna Beach Florida.

©2005 Marsian De Lellis
©2005 Marsian De Lellis

At the residency, fom October 10th-30th, 2005, I assisted artist, Janie Geiser with her performance-installation Spider’s Wheels. For my own project, I created the second installment of Growing Up Linda, Birthday Trauma written with P.J. McWhiskers.  While there I also began a brainstorming session with Heather Henson to create what would become the Puppet Slam Network for the next decade.

Founded in in 1977 by Doris Leeper, an internationally known sculptor and painter, as well as a visionary environmentalist, the Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA) is a non-profit multidisciplinary artist residency facility located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. ACA’s main campus is set on eleven lush acres of land, on the edge of Turnbull Bay.

While the facilities, including the Pabst Visitors Center and Gallery are easily accessible to the public, the residency program and Leeper Studio Complex are also set back from neighborhoods and main roads, allowing artists in-residence the necessary privacy to work uninterrupted. The environment of the campus is rich in species of flora and fauna, and the architecture of the complex is built to blend and interact in this natural environment.