Birthday Trauma

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Growing Up Linda was an ensemble actor-puppetry performance in which the fictitious daughter of a famous ice cream mogul must come to terms with her off-kilter, troubled past.  In Birthday Trauma, the inciting episode, written with long-time collaborator, P.J. McWhiskers, Linda Carvel becomes enamored with Cookie Puss, an ice cream cake presented to her at her 5th birthday.  After Linda makes a wish for eternal friendship with Cookie Puss (the only one in the world who understands her), Daddy Carvel strong-hands her into dismembering her new companion for the consumption of her blood-thirsty relatives.

Originally I performed the roles of Cookie Puss and the narrator in this excerpt, however when I was developing the full-length version of the performance, I stepped out and into the role as outside director. After the premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I went back to performing in another excerpt, Fudgie’s Death.

“colorful, elaborate, nightmarish”

The Scotsman
2008, Edinburgh

“a debt to celebrity-obsessed daytime television brought the fusion of trashy and glam to its peak.”

Three Weeks
2008, Edinburgh

“a crazy hall of mirrors, flashing bits of a story from multiple angles.. held together by a strong idosyncratic personal aesthetic. And lots of fake fur”

– Puppetry International


Full Premiere:
2008 Venue 13 (Edinburgh)

Full Workshop:
2008 CalArts (Valencia)

Performance History – Birthday Trauma (excerpt):
2007 Space Ark (Pasadena)
2007 Coffeehouse Theatre, CalArts (Valencia, CA)
2006 The Judson Church (New York City)
2006 Everett Dance Theatre / Carriage House (Providence)
2005 Theatre for the New City (New York City)
2005 Coolidge Corner Theatre (Boston)
2005 Perishable Theatre (Providence)
2005 Mad Cow (Orlando)
2005 Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach)

Exhibition History – Birthday Trauma:
2009 Gallery at Avalon Island (Orlando)
2007 Acorn Gallery (Los Angeles)
2007 Grand Central Art Center (Santa Ana)
2006 Guilford Art Center, (Guilford, CT)

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