Growing Up Linda – Birthday Trauma, Santa Ana (exhibition)

In 2007, puppets and props from Growing Up Linda: Birthday trauma  were featured in a gallery exhibition at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA. The exhibition, Handmade Puppet Dreams ran from April 7 – May 20, 2007 and was curated by Amy Caterina and Bob Pece from Ratpowered Films with Heather Henson. Growing Up Linda was an ensemble actor-puppetry performance that looked at the off-kilter world of the daughter of a famous ice cream mogul.


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Other artists featured in the exhibition included: Genevieve Anderson, Paul Andrejco, Kate Artibee, Laura Heit, Lyon Hill, Steve Johnson, Tim Lagasse, Eli Presser, Matty Sidle, Hoku Uchiyama, Xander Marrow and Mat Brinkman, Sean Meredith and Paul Zaloom, Mike Mitchell and Dan Brown, Thomas Sontag and Alex Moulton, Seamus Walsh and Mark Cabellero, Damien Eckhardt-Jacobi and Vincent Bova, Janie Geiser, Tony Giordano, Jason Murphy and Scott Shoemaker