Who’s the Puppet Now?, Calgary (published)

A portrait photo from my performance, Fudgie’s Death during it’s run at the International Festival of Animated Objects was included in Who’s The Puppet Now?, a coffee table book of photos by Sean Dennie published by the Calgary Animated Objects Society.

Marsian De Lellis, Calgary, 2011, photo: Sean Dennie
Marsian De Lellis, Calgary, 2011, photo: Sean Dennie

From the publisher:

Pick up this astonishing collection of photographic portraits of the brightest lights in the world of puppetry, mask, and animated objects. Photographer Sean Dennie takes you behind the mask to meet the person behind the art. Who’s the Puppet Now? is a beautiful hard-bound book comprised of over 100 imaginative and revealing portraits, captured by Dennie during six IFAO from 2002-2013. Artists’ thoughts, words, and philosophies accompany the stunning photography.

"Who's The Puppet Now?", CAOS (Calgary Animated Objects Society), 2015
“Who’s The Puppet Now?”, CAOS, 2015

 From Xstine Cook, curator of the International Animated Objects Festival:

While performing at the Arrivano Dal Mare festival in 2001, In the lovely Italian beach town of Cervia, I visited their newly opened puppet museum. At the back, through innumerable embattled Pulchinelli, I was taken by a series of life-sized portraits of Europe’s puppeteer greats, denuded of their beloved puppets, young and gorgeous in the bloom of youth, still kissed with the fiery blush of artistic passion. Returning to Calgary that fall, I launched the first ever International Festival of Animated Objects, and a lifelong collaboration with my partner Sean Dennie. Sean took the challenge of peeking behind the mask to capture the people behind the objects. His collection of portraits of our Festival artists is what you now hold in your hands. A body of work that reflects Sean’s own growth and development as a photographer as much as it reflects the evolution of the Festival; in 2002, black and white portraits were shot on negative film, in 2005, on color transparency, and in 2007 and following years, digital became the medium of choice for a man who will always love film best.

Thank you to The Calgary Foundation and Calgary Animated Object Society for making publication of this collection possible. And thanks to Sean and the artists, for allowing the photographer to manipulate the manipulators and ask the question, “Who’s the Puppet Now?”

Also Included in the book were photos and essays by: Philip Huber, Ronnie Burkett and Peter Balkwill, among others.

Whose the Puppet Now? is available in both hardcover and softcover at the CAOS Store. You can also see a sample.

CAOS (Calgary Animated Object Society)
CAOS (Calgary Animated Object Society)