Fudgie’s Death

Fudgie’s Death is a segment of Growing Up Linda that follows the troubled daughter of a famous ice cream mogul and her downward spiral into frosting, substance abuse, and Fudgie the Whale.  In Fudgie’s Death, I transform table-top pop-up books into full-screen cinema.

Fudgie's Death, 2011, Photo: Sean Dennie

Fudgie’s Death was co-written by Marsian De Lellis, PJ McWhiskers and Joel Egger with  pop-up books designed with Korean paper engineer, Eugean Seo.  Kari Rae Seekons created the sound design, which I could trigger from the stage, while costumes were created by Rachel Weir with specialty corseting by Lee Vargas and Hunter Wells.  Fudgie’s Death has been presented at Calgary’s International Animated Objects Festival, the Transmodern Festival in Baltimore, The Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Links Hall in Chicago, The Great Small Works International Toy Theatre Festival at St. Ann’s Warehouse in New York, REDCAT in Los Angeles, and the Orlando Fringe.


2011 Calgary Herald: “light years away from the child-oriented Muppets universe that Jim Henson introduced.”

2011 New Urbanite: “eccentric adult puppetry that oscillates between adorable, abject, campy, and earnest””

2011 City Paper “a whole slew of WTF”

2010 Watermark: “Technology meets traditional storytelling to great effect… De Lellis is an engaging performer who delivers the story with deceptive nonchalance”

2010 Brooklyn Independent Television: (interview)

2009 Puppetry International: “a crazy hall of mirrors, flashing bits of a story from multiple angles.. held together by a strong idosyncratic personal aesthetic. And lots of fake fur”


Full Premiere:
2008 Venue 13 (Edinburgh)

Full Workshop:
2008 CalArts (Valencia)

Performance History – Fudgie’s Death (excerpt):

2011 14Karat Cabaret  (Baltimore)
2011 International Festival of Animated Objects (Calgary)
2010 Gallery at Avalon Island (Orlando)
2010 Park Theatre (Winnipeg)
2010 Orlando Fringe Festival
2010 Blue Genes Pub, O’Neill Theater Center (Waterford, CT)
2010 St. Ann’s Warehouse (New York City)
2010 Links Hall (Chicago)
2008 REDCAT (Los Angeles)

Exhibition History – Fudgie’s Death:
2008 St. Ann’s Warehouse (New York City)

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