Durfee Matching Fund (Support)

Photo: Rafael Hernandez

On June 30th, 2014, Object of Her Affection was awarded matching funds from the Durfee Foundation for its Hatchfund crowdfunding campaign.

Object of Her Affection is a solo object and puppet-based performance art piece centered on a woman, who in her search for true love develops intimate relationships with inanimate objects. (more)

The funds helped with expenses from the Automata and REDCAT workshop performances. Previously I had been the recipient of a Durfee Artist Resource for Completion (A.R.C.) grant in 2009 with Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical.

The Durfee Foundation is a family foundation that seeks to adhere to the values of their founders, Dorothy Durfee Avery and R. Stanton Avery, by rewarding individual initiative and leadership. The majority of their grant making focuses on the Los Angeles region, where the foundation’s history lies, and where funding needs are great.

Hatchfund hosts an online community where artists can post projects for funding and connect with those who love and support artists. Hatchfund’s goal is to help artists successfully navigate the challenging world of online fundraising through our unique educational and hands-on approach.