The Curious Life and Mysterious Death of Pippin Roe (update)

1994, Pippin Roe

On July 19th 2014, I learned that my longtime friend, artist, and collaborator, Pippin Roe, had died.  Weeks later, I was again hit with shocking news that Pippin’s death was likely the result of murder.  The following January, a reporter writing a piece on Pippin contacted me through social media.  At first I was skeptical, but it wasn’t long before I realized she was diligent digging through hard-to-find clues on a case that had been largely ignored by the media and didn’t seem like a priority for authorities. The story, publish on January 22, 2015, went beyond tragic circumstances surrounding Pippin’s death, speaking to her life and artistic work – much of which was featured in the article.

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Strings Attached, Providence (exhibition / curatorial)

Strings Attached, 2002
Strings Attached, 2002

On November 14th, 2002, Strings Attached, my exhibition of puppet portraits opened at Tealuxe in Providence, Rhode Island. In conjunction with the exhibition of puppet photographs were a collection of teapots and tea cozies made by local artists that I curated. Strings Attached ran through January 31st, 2002.

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Nursey Nurse, Chicago Access Network

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 1.24.39 PM
Nursey, Nurse, 1998

On February 28th, 1998, I appeared on the first episode of Abuctions with Alterboy, a comedy talk show on Chicago Access Network hosted by creator, Mike Anthony. For the interview, Kathleen “Snatchleen” O’Shea and I appeared as Star and Twinkie – The Giovanni Sisters, identical twin sisters who grew up near a PCP testing plant just outside Gary, Indiana. While recounting our tale of alien abduction through hypnosis from our therapist, played by Motay, we aired a segment from Nursey Nurse, a surrealist video art piece Pippin Roe and I collaborated on.

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