Nursey Nurse, Chicago Access Network

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Nursey, Nurse, 1998

On February 28th, 1998, I appeared on the first episode of Abuctions with Alterboy, a comedy talk show on Chicago Access Network hosted by creator, Mike Anthony. For the interview, Kathleen “Snatchleen” O’Shea and I appeared as Star and Twinkie – The Giovanni Sisters, identical twin sisters who grew up near a PCP testing plant just outside Gary, Indiana. While recounting our tale of alien abduction through hypnosis from our therapist, played by Motay, we aired a segment from Nursey Nurse, a surrealist video art piece Pippin Roe and I collaborated on.

From Amazon:

The Abductions with Alterboy television series represents an experiment in stealth enlightenment TV programming. Every week the saucer-ship Nucleus flies into Chicago so Alter Boy can deliver his message from space. He abducts people for his comedy talk show segment while the ship’s computer Control 9 makes snarky comments.