FOF #1504 – Trends + Predictions for 2012, Chicago (interview)

On January 13th, 2012, I appeared on Feast of Fun, a Chicago-based LGBTQ comedy podcast.  On show #1504 – Trends and Predictions for 2012I spoke with Fausto Ferños and Marc Felion about my predictions for 2012.

Show Notes:

Last year, glitter rained down on the cultural and political landscape. The year kicked off with Glitter Day, the queer Kwanzaa holiday we came up with the celebrate the sparkle inside all of us.

Then activists took glitter to a whole new level by updating the pie-in-the-face prank with Glitter Bombs, an arts and crafts attack against douchey politicians and pundits.

With “Occupy” as the word of the year, we can expect to see more creative non-lethal forms of protest as more Americans get fed up with the corporate takeover of their political system.

On today’s show we predict what 2012 will be like by looking at the events and trends that made the headlines – last year.

Joining us is visual and performance artist Marsian De Lellis, known for his work with puppets and costumes. Marsian is great at picking out the crazy things happening around us and extrapolating them into the future. Think of him as the love child of Lady Gaga and Nostradamus.

Listen as we talk about- the Battle for the Internet itself. SOPA and PIPA, not an 80’s all girl rap group, but two horrible censorship laws aggressively being lobbied by corporate Hollywood to force us to watch their shitty shows and movies.

Discover daring new ideas: Glitterbrasion, Astroglittering, Skunking, Stop and Plop, Mission Accomplishedonistas, Pink Exodus and Fauxbitiuaries.


  • Lady Gaga and the Forbidden Zone.
  •  The transgender kids of Generation ZE.
  • Designer Fleshlights, Pepper Spray Lube.
  • And which predictions from last year actually came true- like Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special.

The Feast of Fun podcast (formerly titled “Feast of Fools”) is a Chicago-based talk show hosted by Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion that showcases celebrity guests, artists, musicians, actors, and members of the LGBT community and those who support them. A typical program will include one or more of a number of features, including roundtable discussions, unusual news and social trends, LGBT issues, comedy, music, food and cocktail recipes, or interviews. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Fausto Fernós created the Feast of Fools in 1998 as wacky artists variety show in Chicago, Illinois. Feast of Fun grew out of an audio blog to promote the live show