The Feeder (Austin)

Feeder - 01 Opening Excerpt
photo Debra Broz

Friday December 7th + Saturday, December 8th, I’ll be in Austin performing The Feeder at the Dougherty Arts Center for Austin Puppet Incident. The Feeder is a short solo tabletop puppetry piece that explores a complicated relationship’s unintended consequences.

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Jackson’s Private Zoo, Austin (screening)

2009-05-01-NHP-program-3up-150dpi 2009 Jackson's Private Zoo Austin Fusebox Not Humanly Possible

My short puppet film, Jackson’s Private Zoo screened on May 1st & 2nd, 2009 at Salvage Vanguard Theater in Austin, TX. Jackson’s Private Zoo took the form of a music video that celebrated the relationship between a reclusive pop star and a very special monkey. The screening was part of the Not Humanly Possible program  curated by Jean Marie Keevins  at the Fusebox Festival.

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