The Austin Chronicle

On December 7, 2018, The Austin Chronicle covered The Austin Puppet Incident in which I performed The Feeder, a short tabletop puppetry piece about complicated relationship.

Marsian De Lellis, 2016, photo: William Short
photo: William Short

In The Feeder, the surviving partner of a Gainer/Feeder relationship runs from the law after accidentally feeding his lover to death.

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This is the ninth annual Incident, featuring local and national puppet artists performing all-new, short, original puppet works for adult audiences. Repeat – definitely for adult audiences. Funny, sweet, deep, enchanting: It’s all here. Featuring Marsian De Lellis from Los Angeles with an unconventional love story that explores the synesthetic relationship between objects and personalities. Brought to you by the object-manipulative savants of Glass Half Full and Trouble Puppet, with support from the Puppet Slam Network.