Austin Monthly

On December 6, 2018, Austin Monthly covered The Austin Puppet Incident in which I was performing The Feeder, a short tabletop puppetry piece about complicated relationship.

In The Feeder, the surviving partner of a Gainer/Feeder relationship runs from the law after accidentally feeding his lover to death.

Marsian De Lellis, 2016, photo: William Short
photo: William Short

The many puppets of Marsian De Lellis.

More from What to Do In Austin This Weekend: Dec. 7-9 in Austin Monthly by Carlos Garcia:

Every year the Dougherty Arts Theater features local and national puppet artists who perform short, original puppet works for adult audiences. This year the visiting artist is Los Angeles–based Marsian De Lellis, who is described as “an interdisciplinary artist who combines sculpture, objects, installation, performance, and handmade spectacles to memorialize obsessional lives.”