Little Questions, Big Thoughts (interview)

On September, 21, 2918, puppet artist, producer, and Associate Artistic director of the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Jean Marie Keevins, interviewed me for her blog, Little Questions, Big Thoughts in advance of Object of Her Affection‘s premiere at Automata.

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Model Killer, Waterford, CT (residency)

Model Killer

In June 2017, I workshopped the beginnings of my script-in-progress Model Killer: Giant Crimes & Tiny Cover-Ups as an artist-in-residence at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. 

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Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Video Diary: June 3, 2015

On June 3, 2015, I interviewed Jean Marie Keevins, Fred Thompson, Iain Gunn, and Bridget Rountree as part of a video diary in which I interviewed puppet artists and documented my experiences at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.

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Jackson’s Private Zoo, Austin (screening)

2009-05-01-NHP-program-3up-150dpi 2009 Jackson's Private Zoo Austin Fusebox Not Humanly Possible

My short puppet film, Jackson’s Private Zoo screened on May 1st & 2nd, 2009 at Salvage Vanguard Theater in Austin, TX. Jackson’s Private Zoo took the form of a music video that celebrated the relationship between a reclusive pop star and a very special monkey. The screening was part of the Not Humanly Possible program  curated by Jean Marie Keevins  at the Fusebox Festival.

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Jackson’s Private Zoo, North Hollywood (screening / performance)

©2005 Marsian De Lellis
©2005 Marsian De Lellis

On February 10th, 2007, I screened my short puppet film, Jackson’s Private Zoo at The California Institute for Abnormal Arts in North Hollywood, Angeles. The screening  was part of the Festival of Mirth – The Love Show – an evening of puppet shows, circus acts, and music, curated by Satanica. For this screening, I performed the live soundtrack with Kate Elouise Mallor.

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