Anna Sosenko Trust (support)

Photo: Rafael Hernandez

On June 3rd, 2014, I was awarded funding from the Anna Sosenko Assist Trust for the Los Angeles workshops of Object of Her Affection.

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Durfee Foundation (support)

On October 1st, 2009, I was the recipient of a Third Quarter 2009 ARC (Artist Resource for Completion) Grant from the Durfee Foundation for performances Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical at the Velaslavaysay Panorama.

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Jackson’s Private Zoo, North Hollywood (screening / performance)

©2005 Marsian De Lellis
©2005 Marsian De Lellis

On February 10th, 2007, I screened my short puppet film, Jackson’s Private Zoo at The California Institute for Abnormal Arts in North Hollywood, Angeles. The screening  was part of the Festival of Mirth – The Love Show – an evening of puppet shows, circus acts, and music, curated by Satanica. For this screening, I performed the live soundtrack with Kate Elouise Mallor.

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The Program, Chicago (installation)

In September 1997, Kathleen O’Shea and I collaborated on The Program, an installation for Hybrid  exhibition at Gallery 2 in Chicago. For the installation we created low-tech animatronic stuffed animals who converse with one another about an incident they witnessed. Hybrid was part of the the Eighth International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) ’97.  Continue reading “The Program, Chicago (installation)”

Sound Mind / Sound Body, Chicago (performance)

1996-03-31-SM-Body1-16x9-150dpi Sound Mind Sound Body N.A.M.E. Gallery 199

March 31st, 1996, I performed in Sound Mind – Sound Body, a sound performance that explored the technology of the body, the machine and the spaces in between at N.A.M.E. Gallery with support from the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.

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