Hybrid, Chicago (installation)

In September 1997, Kathleen O’Shea and I collaborated on an installation for Hybrid  exhibition at Gallery 2 in Chicago. For the installation we created low-tech animatronic stuffed animals who converse with one another about an incident they witnessed. Hybrid was part of the the Eighth International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) ’97Mike Anthony. provide technical assistance with sound design.

From the artist statement written by Kathleen O’Shea and Marsian De Lellis:

This current body of work is a loaf between “the real” from a storybook character, the Velveteen rabbit and “the real” that Lacan states in psychoanalytic theory. This reinstatement of the real to reality is constructed through language. The dialogue between the cat, the rabbit over junkie dalmatian was similar to a dialogue we heard on 55th and Western at 4 o’clock, July 8th, 1997.