Jackson’s Private Zoo



Created in 2005 with Liz Hara, Tim Lagasse, Mark Gale, and Video Anarchy,  Jackson’s Private Zoo celebrates the relationship between a reclusive pop star and a very special monkey.

Jackson’s Private Zoo has been screened at The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT at the National Puppetry Conference where it was filmed and edited, at Perishable Theatre in Providence during the Fledgling Festival,  at the California Institute of the Abnormal Arts in North Hollywood during the Festival of Mirth, and at the Not Humanly Possible program at the Fusebox Festival in Austin, TX.

Screening History

2009Not Humanly Possible, Salvage Theatre (Austin)
2007 – Festival of Mirth, California Institute of the Abnormal Arts (North Hollywood)
2006 – Fledgling Festival, Perishable (Providence)
2005 – National Puppetry Conference, Eugene O’Neill Center (Waterford, CT)