Dawn of the Apocalypse


On June 19th, 2010, I performed as an anthropomorphized oil spill in Dawn of The Apocalypse, a song response to the Deepwater Horizon spill with music composed by Melissa Dunphy.  I performed Dawn of the Apocalypse at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center at the culmination of the 2010 National Puppetry Conference.

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Matt Rineveld Memorial Fund (support)

In June 2010, I was the recipient of the Connecticut Guild of Puppetry Scholarship to participate in the the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT. While at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center I worked on Dawn of the Apocalypse in which I portrayed an anthropomorphized oil spill, I performed puppets in Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, (a puppet film directed by Tim Lagasse and Martin Robinson), Fudgie’s Death at Blue Gene’s Pub, and Paul McGuiness’ table-top puppetry piece on split focus. While there I also hosted a puppet slam summit with Puppet Slam Network curators from around the country.

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PuppetSlam.com – soft launch

Jen Lynn, photo: Doug Wong

On March 9th, 2006 I launched Puppetslam.com, a website that cataloged, connected, supported, and generated awareness for adult evenings of short-form puppetry and what would evolve into the Puppet Slam Network over the next decade.

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