Growing Up Linda, Guilford Art Center

©2005 Marsian De Lellis

In March and April 2006 I exhibited an installation of puppets, props, set pieces, and video from Growing Up Linda – Birthday Trauma at the Guildford Art Center.

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Teaching artist-in-residence, Warwick, RI

In May 2005, I was a guest teaching artist-in-residence at Oakland Beach Elementary School in Rhode Island working with grades 1, 3, and 6. Lead artist-in-residence, Amy Lynn Budd, had students create a performance response to the film, Yellow Submarine. I came into the class room a handful of times to assist with mask work and puppetry and aspects of the project (both construction and performance).

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Bryant University, Smithfield (artist talk)

On November th, 2004, I presented my artist-talk at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI to Petra Kuppers’s Medical Visions/Medical Performances class.

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Wham Bam Trans, Pawtucket, RI (exhibition)

Gemini (conjoined at genitals), ©2004 Marsian De Lellis
Gemini (conjoined at genitals), ©2004 Marsian De Lellis

On April 17th, 2004, I exhibited my sculpture Gemini (conjoined at genitals) as part of the WhamBamTrans Arts Festival. Curated by Luke Woodward and Corinne Teed, the exhibition and arts festival took place at a warehouse in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and included visual art, film and performances made by trans and gender queer creators.  WhamBamTranswas sponsored by the Creative Arts Council at Brown Univeristy, the school’s Queer Alliance, and the Equity Action Fund.

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Strings Attached, Providence (exhibition / curatorial)

Strings Attached, 2002
Strings Attached, 2002

On November 14th, 2002, Strings Attached, my exhibition of puppet portraits opened at Tealuxe in Providence, Rhode Island. In conjunction with the exhibition of puppet photographs were a collection of teapots and tea cozies made by local artists that I curated. Strings Attached ran through January 31st, 2002.

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The Program, Chicago (installation)

In September 1997, Kathleen O’Shea and I collaborated on The Program, an installation for Hybrid  exhibition at Gallery 2 in Chicago. For the installation we created low-tech animatronic stuffed animals who converse with one another about an incident they witnessed. Hybrid was part of the the Eighth International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) ’97.  Continue reading “The Program, Chicago (installation)”

The Silver Room, Chicago (performance-installation)

Wig Show (a collaboration w/ Fausto Ferños), Gallery 2, Chicago 1997
Wig Show (a collaboration w/ Fausto Ferños), Gallery 2, Chicago 1997

In the spring of 1997, I created The Silver Room, an installation for Fausto Ferños’ Wig Show, at Gallery 2 in the south loop of Chicago. In this collaboration, I created a silver room-sized environment. Stationed on an alter like a metallic deity, I modeled one of Ferños’ aluminum foil wigs and blew bubbles and lit sparklers over viewers.
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Art of Leadership (award)

In 1996, I was the recipient of the Art of Leadership award at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), where I was pursuing my BFA in studio arts. At SAIC, I studied a broad range of art including performance, puppetry, video art, sound art, site-specific installation, photography (analogue and digital), sculpture, drawing, painting, creative writing, and art history, theory, and criticism.

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Ann Hamilton’s volumen, Chicago (performer)

In the Spring of 1995, I  was one of the performers who activated Ann Hamilton‘s installation, volumen. volumen was part of the exhibition About Place – Recent Art of the Americas at the Art Institute of Chicago.  The contemporary art in “About Place” focused on the work of sixteen artists from Canada, Latin America, and the United States for whom the concept of “place” (cultural, social, geographic, or political) was of paramount importance.

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