Growing Up Linda – Fudgie’s Death, Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando (performance)

Marsian De Lellis, 2010, Photo: K Bast, Poster: Ibex Puppetry
Marsian De Lellis, 2010, Photo: K Bast, Poster: Ibex Puppetry

On Saturday, December 4th, 2010, I performed Fudgie’s Death, at Theater at Avalon Island as part of Puppets from the Edge.  Produced by Ibex Puppetry, Puppets from The Edge was evening of short form puppetry for adults, which I curated and hosted with Hannah Miller during the 2010 Orlando Puppet Festival.

Fudgie’s Death was a segment of Growing Up Linda that follows the troubled daughter of a famous ice cream mogul and her downward spiral into frosting, substance abuse, and Fudgie the Whale.  In Fudgie’s Death, I transformed table-top pop-up books into full-screen cinema.

I wrote Fudgie’s Death with long-time collaborator, PJ McWhiskers, and Joel Egger. Korean paper engineer, Eugean Seo designed the pop-up books, while  Kari Rae Seekons created a sound design I could trigger from the stage. Costumes were fashioned by Rachel Weir with specialty corseting by Lee Vargas and Hunter Wells.  Heather Henson provided on stage live video feed for this performance.

Performers at the 2010 edition of Puppets from the Edge included Hannah Miller, Curtiss Mitchel, Neil Bernard, Tony Ley,  Edna Bland, John DiDonna, Tom Blasco, Jessica Earley, Kathy Sohar, and April Tennyson.

Ibex  Puppetry is an entertainment company dedicated to promoting the fine art of puppetry in all of its mediums. Founded in 2000 and receiving multiple UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette) awards, Ibex Puppetry supports puppet art in the mediums of film, stage, gallery exhibits, workshops and artist presentations.