Bride of Wildenstein, New Orleans (performance)

©2009 Marsian De Lellis
©2009 Marsian De Lellis

On November 13th, 2009, I performed Bride of Wildenstein –  The Musical at the New Orleans Fringe. In Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical, an aging socialite grows fur and claws to recapture the attention of her philandering game hunter husband. This presentation of Bride of Wildenstein was produced by Ibex Puppetry in Orlando.

For this iteration, I worked closely with Ibex Puppetry – specifically Tory Oakes – to develop a more tourable set that referenced cat scratch toys that transform as the protagonist, Jocelyn Wildenstein undergoes her personal transformation. After the New Orleans Fringe performancea, Bride of Wildenstein went on for a run at the Cameo Theatre in Orlando the following weekend.

Described as “demented, touching, and inherently strange” by Flavorpill (Los Angeles), Bride of Wildenstein is a weird and tragic love story that examines the making of a monstrosity through one woman’s personal struggle, and the loss of her sense of self. As her marriage dissolves, she begins to reinvent herself through drastic measures – surgical procedures to become more feline, which only further heighten her sense of estrangement. The heroine’s story is loosely inspired by tabloid accounts of the real-life “cat woman”, Jocelyn Wildenstein. In it I hope to gently turn the abrasive glare of the mirror onto the face of the audience and pose the question, Have you ever gone too far for love?


Ibex Puppetry Presents
Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical
Written and Performed by Marsian De Lellis
Written with P.J. McWhiskers
Directed by Derron Wood
Musical Composition by Josh Senick

Writer, Performer, Designer – Marsian De Lellis
Co-Writer – P.J. McWhiskers
Composer – Josh Senick
Director – Derron Wood

Production Manager, Technical Director – Tori Oakes
Stage Manager – Tara Kromer
Sound – Curtiss Mitchell
Produced by  – Ibex Puppetry

Costume Design – Hunter Wells

Corset Design, Costume Builder – Lee Frank Perez Vargas
Assistant Sound Design, Vocal Coach – Sarah Marie Ibrahim
Puppet Builders – Davey Jordan, Sarah Yates, Tori Oakes, Sarah Sowell, Chase Woolner,

Special thanks to Janie Geiser, Leslie Cararra-Rudolph, Heather Henson, Vandy Wood, Gregory Ballora, Lynn Jeffries, Raphael Lopez Barantez, Jennifer Koblosky, Chi Kyung, Byung Lee, Richard Termine, Marty Robinson, Susan Simpson, Ellen McCartney, Chris Barecca, Steven Levine, Lynn Roesnfeld, Pam Arciero, Ron Binion, Z. Briggs, Marianne Kubik, Larry Seigel, Robert Smythe, Alice Boehm, Tyler Bunch, EuGean Seo (Originating Set Designer), E. Martin Giminez (originating sound designer), Amanda Smith, Leila Ghaznavi (originating director, dramaturgy) (originating scenic artist), Rachel Weir (originating costume designer and dramaturgy)

Developed at CalArts School of Theater with the Costen Center for Puppetry and the Arts, REDCAT Studio, Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Made possible with the additional support from The Durfee Foundation ARC (Artist’s Resource for Completion) Grant, CalArts Special Projects, Office of the President, The CalArts Interdisciplinary Grant, and CalArts Student Council.