Bride of Wildenstein – Workshop Valencia, CA (performance)

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On May 7th, 2009, I performed an initial workshop production of Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical in the Light Lab at CalArts (Valencia, CA).  In Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical, an aging socialite grows fur and claws to recapture the attention of her philandering game hunter husband.

From the Invite:

Marsian & Company Present

An aging socialite grows fur and claws in hopes of recapturing the attention of her philandering game hunter husband. Action of occurs inside and around the proscenium of an oversized dress-like structure, which doubles as a pop-up book and backdrop for the performer, puppets and performing objects. Bride of Wildenstein investigates the making of a monstrosity through one womanʼs personal struggle, loosing her sense of self in love and her reinvention through drastic measures. Although, Bride of Wildenstein is inspired by the real life “cat woman”, it is solely a work of fiction.

Thursday, May 7th, 8pm – Preview
Friday May 8th, 8pm & 10:30pm – Workshop Viewings
Saturday May 9th, 8pm & 10:30pm – Workshop Viewings

Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical
written by Marsian & P.J. McWhiskers
performed by Marsian De Lellis
Music composed by Josh Senick
directed with Leila Ghaznavi

Dramaturgy: Leila Ghaznavi
Set & pop-up design: EuGean Seo
Costume design: Rachel Weir
Lighting design / Assistant Director: Brandon Stirling Baker
Co-producer: Jennifer Kobloskyy
Composer: Josh Senick
Vocal Coach / Sound Assistant: Sarah Ibrahim
Sound: E. Martin Giminez
Technical Director: Sarah Sowel
Scenic Artist: Amanda Smith
Puppet Builder: Chase Woolner
Pop – Up Assistant: Chi Kyung
Technical Supervisor: Byung Lee
Art Direction: Marsian De Lellis

Special Thanks to Janie Geiser, Susan Simpson, Ellen McCartney, Chris Barecca, Rafael Lopez-Barrantes, Jane Pickett, Renata De Lellis, Steven Levine, Lynn Rosenfeld, David Hanbury, Curtis Mueller, Michael McIntire, Circus in Miniature (2008), Performing Objects Lab


(Program and Bios coming soon)