The Joan Quinn Profiles

JQ: You mean the little doll like this?

MD: Yeah, little stitchier and they wanted to know what their stories were about. And so this one – the performance I’m going to be doing at the NOW Festival is called Object of Her Affection, and it’s about a woman who falls in love with inanimate objects – so I thought it would be a good topic for a puppet show 

JQ: And so you wrote it?

MD: Yeah – I wrote it – 

JQ: So what’s the story?

MD: It’s about Andrea Lowe – 

JQ: Andrea

MD: and she

JQ: Does she just sit there? 

MD: She moves around and there’s different versions of her like a baby – we find her after she’s just fallen off a building and the whole thing’s in flashback 

JQ: Is she all flattened out falling off the building?

MD: She’s a little disheveled and bones and stuff out of place

JQ: And then how do you make her talk?

MD: Well I move her head when I’m talking as her

JQ: Do you just leave her on the table like this and have her talk?

MD: Grandma’s a little easier, 

JQ: Show me how you do that

MD: She lives in a chair and she can..

JQ: Oh, you use this stick

MD: Yeah and so

JQ: And so when grandma talks, what does she do?

MD: “I’m going to stitch up your pretty little face in no time”… She’s kind of a hoarder. Like she’s got a Raggedy Anne and a lot of abandoned dolls that she likes to repair

JQ: Is she part of the show? 

MD: She is – She’s Andrea’s grandmother

JQ: So what does she tell Andrea? 

MD: Well – so Andrea comes to live with her after her mom dies and she volunteers as a church organist and she works at a doll hospital and that’s when we discover that Andrea has an infatuation with her blanket, Blankey –

JQ: I like that

MD: She has a lot of other relationships – like with a hunting rifle 

JQ: Oh – those are the kind of inanimate objects she loves?

MD: She has a lust for the Berlin Wall, but she never gets to meet him cause we all know what happens – SPOILER ALERT – and then the World Trade Towers – that’s kind of edgy 

JQ: So you tell stories about all this? And how long is your show?

MD: It’s an hour

JQ: Oh wow!