Transparent, Amazon (background performer)

On December 11 , 2015, Season 2 of Transparent was released on Amazon Prime. In episode 8 Oscilate,  I was a background performer in a yoga class at the LGBT center doing sun salutations alongside Alexandra Billings. In the scene, Maura Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor) who is at an interview for a suicide hotline, looks into the window of a the class and spots Davina (Alexandra Billings), her best trans friend, who she’s been feuding with.

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Visiting Artist, Los Angeles LGBT Center (Los Angeles)

On March 6th, 2014, I was a visiting artist at the Los Angeles LGBT Center to teach a workshop on puppetry and performing objects at sparQ!, an activist theatre mentoring program produced by LifeWorks. There were 8 young people in the sparQ! program who ranged in age from 18-23. Continue reading “Visiting Artist, Los Angeles LGBT Center (Los Angeles)”

Beyond the Beyond, Los Angeles (performer, puppeteer, dramaturg)

In April 12th, 2007 Beyond the Beyond: The Gay Futureworld, in which I was a performer and puppeteer was presented by Cornerstone at the Lilly Tomilin/ Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center, part of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Directed by Paul Zaloom, Beyond the Beyond was a wild, episodic sci-fi romp through the next 1000 years of humanity that explored civil rights, queer history and the queer world of the future through personal stories gathered, scripted, workshopped and performed by GLBT youth, seniors and professional artists.

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