City Paper – 12/14/11, Baltimore (press)

2011-12-14-CP-16x9-Body#1-100dpi City Paper Baltimore 2011 Fudgie Object/Fetish

On December 14, 2011, Baltimore’s City Paper included me in their Top Ten – The Year In Art, characterizing my work at the Transmodern Festival as “..a whole slew of WTF”.

The Transmodern Festival was an annual weekend of performance art, music, installation, lectures and video in Baltimore. At the Festival, I performed Fudgie’s Death, a segment from Growing Up Linda In Fudgie’s Death, I transformed table-top pop-up books into full-screen cinema. This neo-noir tale of depravity was centered on the daughter of a famous ice cream mogul who must come to terms with her troubled past. For the Transmodern Festival, I also lectured in at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in the Fiber Department and presented my multi-media artist-talk Object/Fetish at the H&H Building.

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6. The Eighth Annual Transmodern Festival In toto only because singling one element out from the entire week’s worth of brainy mirth and glee would be disingenuous. The 2011 Transmodern Festival once again took over the H&H Building, this time spreading to Current Gallery and down Howard Street to 14Karat Cabaret, bringing with it a mix of inspired dance (Power Moves Forever Quest, Nicole Bindler), video installation (Kirsten Stoltmann, Xavier Leplae, Christine Ferrera), films (Martha Colburn, Nancy Andrews), and a whole slew of WTF? (Marsian, Mucca Pazza, Power Animals). As always, more fun than a bed full of puppies. (BM)