Growing Up Linda – Fudgie’s Death, Brooklyn (performance)

2010 (L to R) Photo: K. Basta, Poster: Great Small Works
2010 (L to R) Photo: K. Basta, Poster: Great Small Works

On June 9th and June 10th, 2010, I peformed Fudgie’s Death at St. Ann’s Warehouse as part of Program #3 in the Great Small Works 9th International Toy Theater Festival. Fudgie’s Death is a neo-noir segment from Growing Up Linda in which the daughter of a famous ice cream mogul must come to terms with her troubled past. In Fudgie’s Death, I transform table-top pop-up books into full-screen cinema.

Fudgie’s Death was written with longtime collaborator, P.J. McWhiskers and Joel Egger with pop-up books created with Korean paper engineer, Eugean Seo. For this iteration of Fudgie’s Death, costumes were designed by Rachel Weir with specialty corseting created by Lee Vargas Perez and Hunter Wells. Kari Rae Seekons designed the sound, so that I was able to trigger cues from the stage, while Liz Hara provided live video feed from a tiny security camera.

While in NYC, I was interviewed by Brooklyn Independent Television on a segment about the DUMBO arts district and the 9th International Toy Theater Festival at St. Ann’s Warehouse.

Great Small Works is a collective of theater artists who reinvent ancient and popular theater techniques, producing outdoor spectacles with scores of participants, indoor miniature tabletop shows, variety cabarets with food and music, puppet parades and street pageants, all created with a wide circle of veteran associates and first-time volunteers. On any scale, Great Small Works productions aim to renew, cultivate and strengthen the spirits of their audiences by keeping theater at the heart of public life.

Great Small Works’ Ninth International Toy Theater Festival ran from May 30th – June 13, with nine different performance programs and The Temporary Toy Theater Museum at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood.

What is Toy Theater? From the program:

Using flat, paper cut-out figures and miniature scenery, Toy Theater (also known as “paper theater” and “model theater”) originated with 19th century advances in printing and engraving. The original toy theaters of Europe were complete dramas modeled on stage hits of the day, do-it-yourself home entertainment kits containing scripts, characters, and scenery between the covers of a printed book, available from a specialty shop like those of Pollock, Webb, or Skelt in London, Schreiber in Germany, Seix i Barral in Spain, Jacobsen in Denmark, or Scott and McLoughlin in New York. While a few of these printing houses still exist to serve a network of collectors and enthusiasts,  the hand-decorated paper and cardboard proscenium stage that sits on a table in the parlor has been replaced by another ubiquitous box that transmits dramas and the news of the day into the contemporary home.


See the full program

PROGRAM #1 – June 2nd at 10 PM + June 3rd at 10 PM
Elviira Davidow, Iida Vanttaja, Kaitsu Kääräinen (Finland)
John Mejias (NYC)
Little Blue Moon Theater (Vallejo, California)

PROGRAM #2 – June 4th at 10 PM + June 5th at 10 PM
Blair Thomas & Co. (Chicago)
Meredith Miller (Chicago)
Toni Schlesinger and Chris Maresca (NYC)
Puppeteers Coop (Boston, MA and NYC)

CABARET – June 6th at 7:30
Great Small Works (NYC)
Dolly Wagglers (Minneapolis, MN)
Howie Leifer (NYC)
Alissa Hunnicutt (NYC)
Jamie Davis (NYC),
Quality Slippers Productions (Montreal)
Meredith Miller (Chicago)

PROGRAM #3  – June 9th at 7:30 + June 10th at 7:30
Marsian DeLellis (Los Angeles)
Dan Hurlin (NYC) and Dan Froot (Los Angeles)
Concrete Temple Theatre (NYC)

June 10th at 10 PM + June 11th at 7:30
Clare Dolan (Glover, VT)
Bread and Puppet Theater (Glover, VT),
Kyle Loven (Seattle, WA)
Open Eye Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

PROGRAM #5 – June 11th at 10 PM + June 12th at 7:30
Laura Heit (Los Angeles)
Great Small Works (NYC and Boston)
Modern Times Theater (Hardwick, VT)
Ann and George Neff (Monroeville, NJ)
Brian Selznick (NYC)

PROGRAM #6 – June 12th at 10 + June 13th at 7:30
Shoddy Puppet Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
Clockworks (NYC)
Facto Teatro (Mexico City)
Great Small Works (NYC)

FAMILY PROGRAM #1 – June 5th + 6th at 11 AM
Papel Machete
Spica Wobbe (NYC)
Ron Sopyla

FAMILY PROGAM #2 – June 13th at 11 AM + 2 PM
Laura Heit (Los Angeles, CA),
Michael Romanyshyn
Drama of Works (NYC)

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