Growing Up Linda – Birthday Trauma, Perishable Theatre, Providence (performance)

On Friday, November 18th, 2005, I performed an episode of Growing Up Linda with Vanessa Gilbert, Jen Swain and Marya Errin Jones at Perishable Theatre in Providence as part of Blood from a Turnip. Blood from a Turnip was Rhode Island’s only late night puppetry salon that I curated and hosted with Vanessa Gilbert during the 2004-2006 seasons.


Growing Up Linda was an ensemble actor-puppetry performance in which the fictitious daughter of a famous ice cream mogul must come to terms with her off-kilter, troubled past. In Birthday Trauma, the inciting episode, written with long-time collaborator, PJ McWhiskers, Linda becomes enamored with her ice cream cake, Cookie Puss.  After Linda makes a wish for eternal friendship with Cookie Puss (the only one in the world who understands her), Daddy Carvel strong-hands her into dismembering her new friend for the consumption of blood-thirsty relatives.

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