Raggedy Ann to Real Doll 2017, Los Angeles (video installation)

2017, photo: Curt Lemieux
2017, photo: Curt Lemieux

From to June 3rd-10th, 2017, video documentation from my performance, Raggedy Ann to Real Doll was on display at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions as part of Irrational Exhibits 10th  Anniversary: Mapping the Divide, curated and produced by Deborah Oliver. In  Raggedy Ann to Real Doll,  I constructed a storefront operating theater at LACE as one of America’s most beloved dolls went under the knife.  I examined how we negotiate our idea of personal identity in an ever-shifting landscape of technologies that can drastically alter and re-map the body. Projected video and the remote voyeurism from a live stream provided multiple onsite and virtual opportunities for spectatorship.

Irrational Exhibits 10th Anniversary: Mapping the Divide

From the LACE invite:

Opening Performance: June 3, 2017 7-9PM
Exhibition Dates: June 4-10, 2017
Closing Performance and Reception: June 10, 2017 4-6 PM
Curated and Produced by Deborah Oliver

Featuring Artists: Zeina Baltagi, Michael Bizon, Claudia Bucher, Jarred Cairns, Juan Capistran, Reanne Estrada/Chistina Rhee, Nathalia Fagundes, Janice Gomez, Adele Han Li, Steve Irvin, Curt LeMieux, Thinh Nyugen, Cindy Rehm, Lara Salmon, Eduardo Sanchez, Alexander Smith, Freddy Villalobos, Sichong Xie, and HK Zamani.

In honor of Irrational Exhibits’ 10th Anniversary, 19 performance works will take place throughout LACE’s gallery in artist-constructed installations that function as settings for their evolving actions. Composed of diverse themes and aesthetics, all the works explore a physical engagement with the body and materials in front of the audience in real time. Although the performances will be happening simultaneously they are not the same length, giving the audience the option to move through the spaces, circulate, browse, return, or spend immersive time at their own pace, thus creating a shared experience between viewer and maker in process. Irrational Exhibits celebrates works that embrace unpredictability, the messiness of biological and organic processes and materials, and the chaos of our times.

In addition, performances from previous Irrational Exhibits will be presented alongside new works, by both repeating artists and those new to the project, thus providing a historical perspective and future directions.

During the week following the one-night performances, the installations and video works will remain on view. Lara Salmon will be performing during gallery hours, culminating on June 10th from 4-6PM.

Please join the artists in Irrational Exhibits for this one night of Live Art. Find Irrational Exhibits on Instagram – @irrationalexhibits

Support for Irrational Exhibits 10th Anniversary: Mapping the Divide is provided by the Metabolic Studio, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation.

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