Raggedy Ann to Real Doll, Los Angeles (installation/performance)



How do we negotiate our idea of personal identity in an ever-shifting landscape of technologies that can drastically alter and re-map the body? In Raggedy Ann to Real Doll, I will dissect what is just beneath the surface of Southern California body culture and our collective preoccupation with physical perfection. Transforming the storefront window of LACE into an operating theatre, I will perform experimental cosmetic procedures. Viewers are encouraged to use protective binoculars and decontamination footies as one of America’s most beloved dolls goes under the knife.

Performed with Chris Sheets, this one night only medical event will be part of Irrational Exhibits 9: Reports From the Field, an installation and durational performance event curated by Deborah Oliver with 17 other artists from Los Angeles.  IE9 also includes the work of Claudia Bucher, Ryan Bulis and Brian Black, Kent Anderson Butler, Monica Duncan and Samantha Mohr, Kristina Faragher, Janice Gomez, Flora Kao, Curt LeMieux, Juan Meneses, Thinh Nguyen, Liz Nurenberg, Nancy Popp, Bradford Chan Prairie, Lara Salmon, and Liz Young.

The 16 new works presented in this performative exhibition are centered on the artist’s observations of the changing landscape of place and location. The questions these artists are reflecting on via their “reports from the field” explore how we identify and understand the shifting landscape, whether it’s social, political or personal. How do we participate in these shifts as they arise and stay connected to each other?

Tickets available at door – $10 General, $8 Students/Seniors w/ ID

LACE is located at 6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90028 – In Hollywood, that’s just east of Highland and west of Cahuenga (cross street Wilcox). Parking is available for $7 in the lot behind the building, accessible from the west side of Wilcox. For details, visit welcometolace.org or call (323) 957-1777.

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