Improvatorium – 7/13, Los Angeles (improv performer)

The July 25th, 2013 edition of  Improvatorium – The Next Generation featured Chris Sheets, Debra Eckloff, Alexandra Hoover, Frank Banz, Javier Estrella, and Paul O’Flaherty, with musical guest, Dan Ring, and special guests Vanessa Whitney, Grant Baciocco, and Julie Brown. Improvatorium – The Next Generation was an improv show at Theatre Asylum in Los Angeles directed by Jayne Entwistle.

Improvatorium - The Next Generation, July 25th, 2013, poster: Marsian De Lellis
Improvatorium – The Next Generation, July 25th, 2013, poster design: Marsian De Lellis

Patrick Bristow’s Improvatorium began as a series of classes for improvisational actors who wanted to explore doing extended narrative improvisation in various film and theatre styles. Since 2008 Improvatorim has presented L.A. Extemporential, a film noir inspired improvised show, Noir Town and No Place Like Rome, an improvised double feature of film noir and Roman Epic, Death, Lies and Alibis!, an improvised Agatha Christie show, and  unleashed Zombiénce!, an improvised Zombie musical! Improvitorium – The Next Generation was Improvatorium’s student company.