Growing Up Linda – LSD Kills, Cambridge, MA (performance)

On July 15th, 2004, I performed LSD Kills, the first installment from Growing Up Linda  The Comedy Studio (on the third floor of the Hong Kong restaurant) in Cambridge, MA as part of Idiot Box, curated and hosted by Evan O’Television. Joining me to puppeteer in the piece were David Hanbury and Abby Saunders.

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Growing Up Linda was an ensemble actor-puppetry performance in which the daughter of a famous ice cream mogul must come to terms with her troubled past. During its run at the Edinburgh Fringe, The Scotsman distinguished Growing Up Linda as a “colorful, elaborate, nightmarish piece of theatre” while Three Weeks celebrated it for itsfusion of trashy and glam”.

LSD Kills, was first installment of Growing Up Linda, which was developed episodically at Blood from a Turnip, Rhode Island’s only late night puppetry salon, through an Atlantic Center for the Arts residency, and while a graduate student at the Cotsen Center for Puppetry and The Arts at CalArts.

In LSD Kills, Linda Carvel discovers that the hot dog she has purchased shortly after taking acid is talking to her.  Realizing that this is part of her trip, she bites into the hot dog. But it won’t stop screaming, so impulsively, she stomps on it before running away. For LSD Kills,  I appropriated the audio track from an educational warning video, “Case Study: LSD”.