Additional Demographics

I asked about additional demographics I had not already covered in the survey. While most answers were singular, I was able to group them into broader categories like education level, income or class identity, political affiliation, popular subcultures, family metrics (including parental or relationship status), and geographical status (including current or former locations, local neighborhood, or immigration / generational status). These might be demographic categories I could ask about in future surveys. 

Here are some of the more specific additional demographics and how I grouped them:

Education Level:

Income / Class identity:
Middle Class, The 99% 

Political Affiliation:
Feminism (4), “Anti-Racist Rabble Rousers”, Communism, The Resistance, Socialism

Popular Subcultures:
Aging Hippies, Dandyism, Earth Mothers, Foodies, Goths, PWA’s/HIV+, Left Handed People, Misfits, Vegans

Family Metrics:
Fathers (2), Husbands, Mothers, Raised by Grandparents 

Geographical Status:
First Generation Californian with deep south roots”, Native Angeleno, NYC / Coney Island, Payes de Galles, Silverlake Resident