My audience is creative – largely comprised of artists. In fact, over half identified as some kind of artist.

Of artist-viewers, 38% identified as theatre makers. 19% were primarily visual artists. 18% were puppet artists or performance artists (including performers or actors). 12% were writers, which is not surprising living in an art center of the west coast. 

Half were already puppetry fans. Almost as many (47%), frequently attend live performances, while 39% were primarily visual art aficionados. 

While half of the audience were puppetry fans, 18% were actual puppet artists or puppeteers. 15%  were puppet builders. 12% were friends and family of puppeteers or dating puppet artists. 10% were puppetry students. 3% had never witnessed live puppetry

Outside of puppetry, artist-viewers represented an array of practices: 10% were theatre designers who specialized in costume, scenic, or lighting design. 7% were comedians, art teachers, or arts administrators. 6% were  storytellers, producers or curators, or worked in film or video. 3% were musicians, directors, or worked in the medium of stop motion animation. 2.5% were arts writers or critics. 2% were sound artists. 1% identified as stage managers, or installation artists.