People listed a variety of goals as audience members: 17% attended to see / to experience; 12.8% to think / understand or to enjoy; 10.6% to learn, 9.6% to feel / be moved; 8.5% to escape / be transported; 7.4% to be entertained; 6.3% to be challenged or to be inspired; 3.2% to expand / grow, to have fun, to be disoriented / see weird, to experience joy, to be present, to support, to be surprised or to connect; 2.1% to transform, or come with no goals / expectations; 1.1% to be passive, or to appreciate 

17% to see / to experience 

  • To see it, experience, receive with an open heart, respectfully absorb the work
  • To experience deep satisfaction, See something I haven’t seen before or in a new light
  • To come with an open mind and experience / engage with the piece
  • To continue coming to shows, To create completely new visual / conceptual experience

12.8% to think / understand 

  • Be made to think, Re-consider, Criticize, Think / differently, Experience deep thoughts
  • To “get it”, To appreciate an artist’s vision, To stop and think about its meaning to me
  • To understand,, understand the artist message, To expand my understanding of art

12.8% to enjoy 

  • To connect with the gift of vision of the performance, To enjoy myself 
  • To enjoy storytelling, human experience, and creative ways of making things

10.6% to learn 

  • To be as perceptive in the moment as possible, To pay close attention and lose myself in the process
  • To be infotained, To connect and learn, To receive enlightenment / dispel ignorance

9.6% to feel / to be moved 

  • To feel, feel a connection with the work and support the performer’s vision
  • To see something and be moved even if I can’t describe it / describe why

8.5% escape / transported

  • To be transported, To go to a different place and see new things
  • To flee the Kavanaugh appointment with an hour of intelligent whimsey

7.4% to be entertained

  • To be entertained in an unentertaining world, To be infotained

6.3% to be challenged 

  • To be challenged, To be provoked, To be disturbed, To squirm 

6.3% to be inspired 

  • To be inspired, impressed as an artist, or in awe

3.2% expand / grow 

  • To expand, to explore where the line exists in love and relationship
  • To find a connection, grab a hold of a thought, impression, feeling, moment and let it help me grow

3.2% to have fun 

3.2% to be disoriented / see weird 

  • Disorientation, See some weird stuff, See unique things

3.2% to experience joy 

  • To experience joy, laugh, stay awake

3.2% to be present 

  • Stay focused on where I’m supposed to. Not looking ahead
  • To be present, feel the moment, To not get distracted, retain the parts that moved me

3.2% to support

  • To support and embrace creative expression,  To get the word out more

3.2% to be surprised

  • To be surprised, To be moved, stimulated, engaged to a rare epiphany

3.2% to connect

  • To connect with something I don’t know about
  • To connect with the gift of vision of the performance

2.1% to transform 

  • To be transformed, To not walk away empty or as I came in, To be changed by what I witnessed.

2.1% no goals / expectations 

  • I come in with no expectations, No goals.

1.1% to be passive

  • To Not have to participate though, I’m too shy