20% were triggered by past love experiences or New York City references. 12% were triggered by memories of their own baby blankets or the Berlin Wall. 8% were triggered by Marlin (the bad boy hunting rifle), the final scene in which the protagonist falls off Roy (a crumbling tenement), or this actual survey. 4% reported being triggered by the grandmother from (In)/Animate Objects, the window installation, the intimacy of Automata, the performance space, or the protagonist’s dumpy fashion style, which made them self-conscious. Here were some of the things they reported:

Past Love Experiences (20%)
“All my love affairs failed and otherwise flashed before me”
“bad breakups”,
“how desperate we are for love”,
“I felt an ache of recognition about lost and failed love”,
“seeking love fulfilled but fleeting”

References to New York City (20%)
“The old World Trade Center buildings”,
“The two towers”,
“made me miss NY and think of closed minded relatives”,
“The strut down the city block”,
“The image of Liberty”

Baby Blankets (12%) 
“I had a favorite blanket my grandma threw away and I made her get it back and wash it.”,
“the seizure of Blankey!” ,
“the idea of adults not valuing what is truly profound to children”

Berlin Wall (12%)
“The end of Berlin Wall (and I lived on Legiendamm)”,
“The Berlin Wall reminded me of Tr***p’s Wall”,
“The giant history book”

Guns (8%)
“the gun”,
“the trigger triggered me”

The Final Scene (8%)  
“The final scene triggered a bit of stress and angst”,
“her falling off Roy”

The Survey (8%)
“this survey” 

The window installation (4%)
“the window installation reminded me of my dying sister”

Intimacy (4%)
“how intimate it all felt”

Fashion (4%)
“I guess I either need to upgrade my wardrobe or embrace my jeans and hoodie because the main character and I were twinsies.”