A majority of viewers (88.2%)  reported having special connections to particular objects. 15.1% had special connections to clothing, jewelry, or other worn items. 10.8% were attached to art or household items. 9.7% mentioned rocks and other minerals. 8.6% had a general attachments to objects. 7.5% liked books and tools or other instrument. 6.5% had special feelings towards light-emitting objects. 5.4% had strong feelings for possessions of deceased people, or body parts. 4.3% had a kinship with puppets.  3.2% had a special relationship to bedding, material/fabric, technology, transportation-based objects, or sex toys. 2.2% shared a closeness with food, houses, or architecture. 1.1% had a special fondness for colors or waste products. 

15.1% Worn Items: 

  • “a pair of black boots”
  • “a ring my mom made that I wear every day”
  • “I get comfort from certain items of clothing – my mother’s jewelry”
  • “I have a Claddagh ring, because I’m Irish”
  • “I like high heel shoes, but I never would wear them”
  • “I touch my jewelry when I fly”
  • “My dad’s black shirt”
  • “A silver ring”
  • “My mother’s handmade apron dress”
  • “The gold bracelet from Kyle”
  • “I still am haunted with guilt by old sweaters I never wore for years and got rid of”
  • Shoes, Socks (single lonely)

10.8% Art:

  • Art / Artworks (4), Folk Arts, Sculpture,
  • “Sunflowers” reproduction, cat tile art, metal owl
  • “A few pieces of people’s art that speak to me”
  • “A painting of square cows”
  • “Antique / old objects, religious iconography, esp Catholic, Pagan and Eastern”
  • “My new miniature paintings of a one eyed pugilist. English, circa 1790”
  • “A painting that lives with me”

10.8% Household Items 

  • Ceramic Vessels, Chains, Flocked Christmas Decorations, Plants, Postcard Collection, Pottery, Snow Globes, Statues of Daruma, Still Life Props, Toothpaste
  • “My bike, television and smoke machine have names. My TV is Megaro, my smoke machine is Antonio, and my bike is Cream Soda. My old TV was Kevin Jr.”

9.7% Rocks / Minerals 

  • Rocks (7), Shells, Crystals, Waterford Crystals, 
  • “A rock I found on the Chama River while fly fishing in 1991 that looks like an Easter Island head”

8.6% Connections to objects in general

7.5% Books

  • Books (6), Journals

7.5% Tools + Instruments

  • Candles (2), Lamps (3), Neon Lights, Fire, Lights

6.5% Light Emitting Items

  • Candles (2), Lamps (3), Neon Lights, Fire, Lights

5.4% Possessions of Deceased People

  • “Andy Warhol’s glasses, William Burroughs’ watch, Holly Woodlawn pill bottle”
  • “Books and pictures from my grandparent’s home now fill my apartment. I wear his jackets. I miss him dearly.”
  • “Grandma items”, “My grandma’s purple ring and earrings”
  • “My great grandma’s diamond necklace. My mom wore it every day of her life. And since she died, I never took it off.”

5.4% Body Parts 

  • Animal Skulls, Teeth, Dog’s Ashes
  • “My leather, Grandpa’s prosthetic leg”
  • “My penis”

4.3% Puppets 

3.2% Bedding

  • Bed, Childhood Pillow 
  • “I really love my minky blankey”

3.2% Material

  • Fabric, Textiles, Wood

3.2% Technology

  • Cell Phone,  iPhone”, “My phone is my constant connection and burden”

3.2% Transportation

  • Cars (3), “A 1986 Grandis bicycle that was just stolen 2 weeks ago”

3.2% Sex Toys 

  • Vibrator (2), “My Hitachi”

2.2% Food 

  • Food, Green Bell Peppers

2.2% Houses 

  • “My house”, “two homes no longer standing”

2.2% Architecture 

  • Eiffel Tower, Space needle, Toronto Tower
  • “I always greet the Muffler Man on the 405 in Carson. Really, I do this with all of them whenever and wherever I see them. To be honest, I’ll say hi to any unusual roadside figure. If it’s funny or interesting enough, I’ll stop for a closer look and a photo”.

1.1% Colors

  • “Most things that are orange or yellow”

1.1% Waste Products 

  • compost, garbage, recyclables