I’m reaching out to a core demographic of outcasts. Half of my audience reports feeling like a minority rejected by their own minority group. Here’s some of the reasons for their disenfranchisement and how they retain their sense of humor:

“I’m Iranian, but I look White AF – I hate hearing ‘Oh – but you’re so white, you don’t look Persian’.. I keep my sense of humor by upsetting people with my art”

“Gay filmmaker whose films can’t be tied into an Absolut Vodka party at an LGBT film festival”

“Transgender male who’s run into many humorless straight trans men and here’s me, very camp and gay as a Maypole”

“grew up as a religious minority – now unchurched”

“I’m a feminist stand up comic and have received plenty of flack”

“I’m Mexican (born and raised). I get teased by both Mexican-Americans and Mexicans from Mexico”

“Typical first generation estrangement from the motherland”

“some of the folx in my community treat pan folx as less queer, but they still want to fuck!”

“Gay, Jew, HIV+”

“I don’t want to make Muppets. I never want to make anything from any pattern, or anything that’s been done before. I’m going to make puppet people secretly love art.”

“Trans. Queer. POC. Kink. So complicated… still laughing”

“Latino, Queer, Academic”

“I’m first generation American. I don’t feel completely a part of a minority or majority – just caught in the flux between”

“Queer… ugh – gay marriage”

“neo-pagan wiccan buddhist who believes in god/goddess/life force

“Jewish but not that Jewish. Conservative and Orthodox Jews think I’m a gay”

“Trans, fat, rejected by queer and straight people”

“I’m accused of not being Vietnamese enough. I’m into nerd culture but always have to prove my legitimacy.”

“Gay, who’s rejected by muscle and young”

“As a teenager, I wasn’t black enough. Sometimes I was called Oreo… Watching stand up comics helped keep my sense of humor”

“not naughty enough for LGBT people”

“I’m an immigrant and an artist. Without a sense of humor I wouldn’t survive.”

“Japanese American who eats too much Mexican food”

“A proud bisexual… often seen as a fence sitter”