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About Themselves + THE PERFORMANCE

“I had a blankie too.”

“I have seen many 100’s of performances – maybe a 1000 – I’m very discriminating”

“My grandfather molested me and I still haven’t told my mother”

“I sometimes have prophetic dreams.”

“Your narrative and exploration of cathexis is stunning”

“Queers are brilliant and love is hard”

“love is strange”

“the art of puppetry, so well performed!”

“sheer delight for Marsian’s art!”

“Good storytelling. Very moving”

“I’m grateful for this art”

“The story was very tight, and the use of props was fantastic!” 

“I got to play the Grand Prize Game on Bozo’s Circus.”

“I had my 60th birthday at Bob Baker Marionette Theatre” 

“I really enjoyed this survey”

“We were blown away”

“Super creative construction”

“amazing performance!”

“authentic work, wonderful”

“it was great to see such a love of objectification”

“I didn’t know people could fall in love with objects”

“I was struck by how alive the ‘things’ seemed. That was fun”

“lots of emotions! amazing work!”

“A new way to think and feel love. I like that”