Almost two-thirds had never seen the work of Marsian De Lellis.

Almost as many had never been to an Automata or Los Angeles Performance Practice event. About a fifth had never been to all three combined. 

Of viewers returning to work of Marsian De Lellis, 38% recalled seeing a workshop of Object of Her Affection or Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical.   34% remember experiencing the installation, (In)/Animate Objects. 23% recalled viewing the ensemble actor-puppetry performance, Growing Up Linda. 12% saw the short form solo puppetry piece, The Feeder. 11% witnessed the performance-installation or livestream for Raggedy Ann to Real Doll. 4% saw an early workshop segment from my next production, Model Killer – Giant Crimes and Tiny Coverups. 9% had seen a variety of other projects.

The performance generated 50 additions to my mailing list and 32 additions to the mailing lists of Automata and Los Angeles Performance Practice.