To Whom It May Concern, Echo Park (performance)

On February 5th, 2014, I was featured in “To Whom it May Concern”, a live monthly show at Rafas Lounge in Echo Park (Los Angeles), hosted by Jayne Entwistle where folks read their letters on stage – real letters they’ve written, correspondence back and forth, or letters we wish we could write.  I reflected upon a letter of remorse that was harder to let go of than I initially thought.

The Internet slows down, as it often does at three A.M., when oddly, there just happens to be the least amount of traffic. But slowly line-by-line from top to bottom, in dial-up porn fashion, your mug shot reveals itself rather dramatically, I might add. There you are. “alone, feared, and misunderstood”. Diminutive – not the larger-than-life way I remember you – eyes glassed over, gazing into the camera like a deer caught in the headlights

— excerpt

You can listen to the entire February 2014 podcast and others on iTunes for free! In addition to my letter from “R” on the February 2014 podcast, Ray Barnhart read a letter from his best friend at Bible College.  Thessaly Lerner shared a letter her friend Colin received after exhibiting some inappropriate behavior in his neighbourhood. Lori Elberg read a letter dedicated to the girls of Jersey she went to school with. To Whom It May Concern’s Producer, Jayne Entwistle, read a letter dedicated to her car. Margee Magee improvised a hilarious ‘Dear John’ letter and Don Black of the L.A band Ghiant provided the live soundtrack.