Julie & Maria Witch Hunters 8/30/13, LA (performer)

For the August 30, 2013 edition of  Julie & Maria Witch Hunters at iO West, I was a back up dancer for Julie Brown’s Vague and Party In My Pants.

Julie & Maria Witch Hunters cast, 2013

You may remember Vague and Party In My Pants from Julie Brown’s HBO special, Medusa:

Also in the lineup were were Maria Ciampa, Radcliffe Comedy, Kurt Koehler as Cassie Roll, Bayli Ryan, Henry Watkins, and Michelle Flanagan.

Julie & Maria Witch Hunters was a monthly show hosted by Julie Brown and Maria Ciampa in which comedians got to play other people. It ran in 2013 at iO West Theatre in Hollywood. The iO West (formerly known as the “ImprovOlympic West”) is the Los Angeles branch of the iO in Chicago.